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A toe guard is designed to protect the toe of a cricket bat from wear and tear and to prevent the toe from soaking up moisture.
The rubber toe guard adds a thick layer of protection between the toe and surface. It's excellent for preventing excess moisture and damage from crease tapping and sliding your bat.

This DIY kit includes the following:
2x 125mm - 33mm Black Rubber Toe Guard Strips 
1x Selleys Quick Fix Supa Glue Shock Proof 3ml (enough glue for two toe guards)
2x Pieces of sandpaper

- You will require a craft knife and a hairdryer/heat gun
1. Make sure the toe is clean of dirt and moisture, and any cracking is sealed.
2. The toe should be a flat surface. This may require sanding.
3. We'd recommend heating the toe guard with a heat gun or hairdryer for best results.
4. Apply glue to the toe's base, ensuring the entire surface is saturated and there are no dry spots.
5. While the glue is wet apply the heated toe guard and hold it down on the toe for 1 minute. We'd recommend holding it with an old towel as the toe guard should be hot to the touch.
6. Stand the bat upright against a wall for 3 hours to cure.
7. Cut the excess rubber off with a craft knife make sure both hands are behind the blade at all times (This step needs to be done by an adult).
8. Use sandpaper to smooth any sharp edges and corners.
9. The glue can be used to stick down any corners if the toe guard comes loose during use.


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