#058 SWELL G2-EW BAT - 2LBS 8.8OZ
#058 SWELL G2-EW BAT - 2LBS 8.8OZ
#058 SWELL G2-EW BAT - 2LBS 8.8OZ
#058 SWELL G2-EW BAT - 2LBS 8.8OZ

#058 SWELL G2-EW BAT - 2LBS 8.8OZ

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Size: SH
Shape: Swell
Willow: Grade 2 / Legacy English Willow
Weight: 2lbs 8.8oz
Edge: 35mm
Spine: 62mm
Scallop: 3mm
Toe: Semi-round
Handle: Semi-oval
Construction: Made in India

 To learn more about the Swell shape and each aspect of the bat, including sticker and grip options.

Please allow an additional 2-4 working days for your service add-ons to be completed.

Knocking In:

We highly recommend giving your new cricket bat the best start to life with a Fantail knocking in service. We apply a coat of linseed oil then combine hand knocking of the edges and toe with our state of the art Smart Knocking in machine to complete the process.


Facings help protect and prolong the life of your cricket bat by adding a barrier to protect the blade from damage, moisture and dirt. We recommend facings for all cricket bats.

The clear anti-scuff facing with fibre edges is recommended for all bats as it offers a better protective layer than the fibre face.  

The fibre facing is a slightly lighter and thinner option which is why you'll notice a lot of professional cricketers use them.

Toe Guard:

A toe guard is designed to protect the toe of a cricket bat from wear and tear and slow down the toe's rate of soaking up moisture.

Our Rubber toe guard adds a thick layer of protection between the toe and surface. It's excellent for preventing excess moisture and damage from crease tapping and sliding your bat.

Our Fibre-Epoxy Toe guard is considerably harder than the rubber option, which supports the vulnerable corners of the toe. If you are a hard crease tapper or have problems with cracking of the toe, then this is the recommended option.

Our Cloth-Epoxy toe guard isn't recommended for new bats. Instead, it's intended for bats that have substantial toe damage. We wrap a high strength water-resistant cloth tape around the base and surrounding areas of the toe, then apply epoxy to harden the structure. This option gives the most significant support and will slow down the rate of further cracking occurring.

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